Workforce Planning - Dr Tony Miller

Workforce planning O.D. and HR Analytics, based on our 2017 book.

New approaches, formulas and software needed to enable any HR function or organization to forecast trends and to uses existing retrospective data to their organizations advantage. In short to maximize efficiency and productivity.

You will encounter the new formulas to use and new approaches that will add value. You will find out that most of existing 52 formulas available don’t work in today’s environment. There is new software that will enable you to do forecasts with certainty and you can use a new mathematical model to right size any organization.

Are you using an out of date organisation model? Do you have processes that don’t work any more? These are areas, which are major inhibitors to productivity and can be significantly improved. Find out how to right size prior to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems and be able to show the financial benefits.

Dr T is acclaimed as the works No. 1 authority on this topic and has written 3 books specifically on the topic.

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