I hope you will find this page useful. The charts are useful to display in your office and reflect some of our innovations from our consultancy.

If you use them then please make sure they are credited to us. Our consulting team uses the questionnaires shown here all the time. They are practical and useful and will aid you in finding out and providing key management information

The Organsisational Maturity

This questionare is a forcastining tool that enable organisations to see when organizational change is needed and to be able to plan ahead and manage change. It should be filled in bu line managers, without giving them to much detail. When the results are received back the average can be calculated and a plot on the chart made. A great tool if you want to include people in the change process.

The Leadership Style Questionnaire

Very useful for training sessions or during organizational change and re structuring. Most people in the line are managers, the role of the manager significantly changed at the end of the 90’s. What works best , particually with talented people is modern Leadership. This questionnaire shows managers where they are now and training can then help to shape their development for future leadership roles.

Emotional Intelligence - Competency Based Questionaire

This group questionnaire is to help line managers do an Emotional Intelligence on teams or groups of people, it quick to do and has become very popular with research in Universitys world wide. Managers can either complete the audit with up to seven people at a time or use it at performance appraisal. The results provide a sound bases for coaching or training interventions.